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A brief description of the packages available from this r-forge project:


A basic hello world application can be made as follows:
options(guiToolkit="RGtk2")                     # avoid question if more than one is installed
w <- gwindow("Hello world example")             # top level window
g <- ggroup(cont=w, horizontal=FALSE)           # a box container, added to w
b <- gbutton("Click me for a message", cont=g)  # add button to container g
addHandlerClicked(b, handler=function(h,...) {  # add interactivity through a handler
      galert("Hello world", parent=h$obj)

More documentation/examples

The gWidgets vignette is a source of further examples. The vignette for gWidgets2 is shortened, but still has some exmaples. (See a copy here.)

The text Programming Graphical User Interfaces in R has a part on gWidgets

The project summary page you can find here.

Old web site here.